• 1958

    Upon finishing his Architecture & Interior Design study in Gronigen, Netherland, Hendra Hadiprana return to Indonesia to started the design firm under Grahacipta Hadiprana

  • 1975

    Hendra Hadiprana alongside Sindhu Hadiprana and Wedari Hadiprana, or popularly known as "tiga serangkai" "the pact of three" has undeniably filled many of the nation's property growth and development through its architect design.

  • 1988

    Hendra Hadiprana became the president commissioner and Sindhu Hadiprana was appointed as the President Director

  • 2007

    Mira Hadiprana became the President Director of Grahacipta Hadiprana

  • 2011

    Grahacipta Hadiprana earned ISO 9001

  • 2012

    Grahacipta Hadiprana changed its entity to be hadiprana