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Hadiprana Design was established in 1958 by Mr. Hendra Hadiprana. Our focus is to be the leading curator and creator of culture. By creating eclectic and contemporary experiences that uniquely speaks to multiple generations. With over 60 years of experience, we strive to translate our client’s dream into reality, through a dynamic process. Our projects range from hospitality to commercial and from houses to apartments, is a testament to our team’s synergy and strong corporate value throughout these years.

We are unique, eclectic & contemporary Unique means being different, being distinct and being individual. We weave your vision with captivating narratives and memorable design.

Eclectic design is achieved, when we build bridges across cultures, across stories and across time. Interwoven with sensitive composition and concept. Our eclecticism births an endless spectrum of timeless design- enjoyed by multiple generations. 

Contemporary design is achieved through our relentless dynamic existence. Hadiprana is a third generation company, meeting the client’s needs for over 5 decades.

Always evolving by incorporating innovative materials and technology to elevate the design to the next level.

With award-winning projects that range from hospitality to commercial, and from houses to apartments. Through the decades, Hadiprana has proven to be the benchmark, trendsetter and legendary example.

The Hadiprana effect is not only limited to design, but also the steadfast integrity throughout the project, as well as the long lasting harmony between designers and clients. Creating masterpieces with powerful details, remarkable visual narratives and original concepts.

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