Our Reflection

Hadiprana Differensiasi Strategy Design

“Unique... a word that become the differentiate factor in giving “soul” to each of our design ...Hadiprana’s uniqueness makes our creation as not just (another) design”

Eclectic... being eclectic allows variousness in enhancing Hadiprana’s multi-talents to possess a wider range and more spectrums of design

Contemporer... always update with the latest style-trends, ever-ready to adapt to the dynamic design development is the key to our growth

As The Most well-known name in hospitality area/ field, Hadiprana always strive in its craftsmanship in every single steps, for any single creation (from retail to corporation, from hospitality business to banking category). Hadiprana’s Style of Craftsmanships translate, connect and portray the Uniqueness, Eclectic & Contemporer characters.



One of hadiprana’s most significant style-contrast is the involvement of Kriya (Craftsmanship) in every creation made. Having studied the nation’s abundant architectural history, hadiprana believes that each building’s tell its own story carried by their existing artistic touch. These artistic touch might become a distinct element, coming along with places to matched its contexts accordingly as well as up to presence implementation. Thus whatever medium or shape and through our luxurious craftsmanship, hadiprana’s masterworks shall carry the extraordinary nuance of indonesia.



Other creation principle that hadiprana hold strongly is to bring up senses to experiencing spaces through layers, due to space layering may often furnishes guests with sequential surprises. Owning the facts by many forms of space layering were quintessentially founded during room-creation in Asian buildings, such as religious temple or local palace (keraton), hadiprana preserve this ideas and style well as one strategy to ambiance creation, aside from reason to present bold asian’s touches and its unique’s eastern roots.