Along with our comprehensive services in architecture, interior design, special lighting, landscape, and design artworks, hadiprana (used to be known as Grahacipta Hadiprana) believes in having “warm and intimate” approach for over decades. The synergy from many disciplines are integrated under one roof to be able to bring a one stop consulting service for any client’s needs.

In creating a friendly yet conducive working environment, hadiprana continuously strives for two valuable set points, hard works and responsibility from each employee. All to be done in alignment to reach the primary goal of customers satisfaction, be it existing owners or prospect clients.

In communicating and implementing their design, hadiprana applied the three methods of: Interview assessment & design brainstorming, presentation & design discussion, then followed up by progressive project meetings.

DATAPRO magazine’s coverage vol.5 no.6; March 2005

Mega-mega yang disentuh, pudar karena keagungan kerja badai-badai yang ditentang, nyisih tiadalah kebahagiaan sebesar kebahagiaan karena keagungan jiwa selesai kerja tiadalah kelapangan sebesar kelapangan kemenangan jiwa dan semua pengabdian diuntukkan bagi keagungan bangsa dan semua kelelahan diuntukkan bagi kemenangan jiwa.

( Ramadhan K.H. ) 1985 Special written for Grahacipta Hadiprana

The name’s Hadiprana ...o’om henk is what he’s popularly called by inner circle/ close friends. A multi-talented architect and interior designer with tasteful artistic valued made him a collector turned gallery owner. What appear as a firm man, especially when it involves negotiating then he become very time conscious actually a very soft, kind-hearted man. A perfectionist with good sense of humor whose love of glittering beauty is very sensible, indeed.

Don’t allow mistake before his eyes... or church’s bell’s would ring that very second, even louder than the highest-pitched locomotive sounds.

Umi Dachlan - painter